Chhota Bheem Cake

I made this Chhota Bheem cake for a 2 year old boy, Thikshet Sai Ram. Chhota Bheem is a television show for your children and the main character is a strong, muscular boy called Chhota Bheem. 

Chhota Bheem Cake

Thikshet’s mom requested for a Chhota Bheem themed cake and specifically requested for a 3D figure of Chhota Bheem on the cake. Other than the topper, the rest of the decoration on the cake was left to my own design and hence I came up with this cake design. What the mother did request though, was for the boy’s nick name to be on the cake as well so I made it in 3D lettering and placed on the cake top while his real name, I placed on the cake board.

Overall, this was a pretty simple cake to make except of the human topper. In making the topper, I was followed the techniques I learned in this Craftsy class. It is such an awesome class, one that I would recommend for anyone wanting to learn human figure modelling. And I must say, I was quite happy with the way the figurine turned out. Now, Chhota Bheem was supposed to be a bit more muscular, especially his shoulders and arms, but mine did not turn as muscular as it was supposed to. I made him muscular off course, but the gum paste sort of lost a bit of shape as it was drying. That is one problem I used to have working with fondant and gum paste in a humid climate. But that was before I switched to air conditioned room to work on my cakes. I don’t have that problem anymore so if you live in a humid climate like me, air conditioned rooms are a real life savers when it comes to working with fondant and gum paste.

Back to the cake. Let’s look at the main supplies I used to make this cake and the decorating guide.

Chhota Bheem Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to make the Chhota Bheem cake:

  • Cake  - this was a single tier cake measuring 9 inches in diameter. The cake consists of 2 layers of cake sandwiched with buttercream. I used my butter pound cake recipe for the cake.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill the cake as well as to crumb coat it.
  • Fondant – the entire cake was covered and decorated with fondant. I used Satin Ice white fondant mostly, and chocolate and blue for the decorations on the cake. I used 2 different shades of blue on the cake, the darker shade is Satin Ice blue fondant, while the lighter shade is a mix of white and blue Satin Ice fondant. While the human topper was made mostly using gum paste, I used fondant for his hair, facial features, shoes and his accessories. I also used fondant for the balloon his was holding as well as the 3D lettering on the cake.
  • CMC powder – I added this powder into fondant when making the 3D lettering on the cake.
  • Gum paste – The Chhota Bheem human topper on the cake was made entirely of fondant. I used white gum paste and tinted it ivory (I used Wilton ivory food color) for the skin tone and orange (Wilton Orange ) for the figurine’s bottom.
  • Floral wire – I used floral wire to built the structure of the fondant topper. I also used floral wire as the balloon string on the cake.
  • Clikstix Alphabet cutters – These were used to cut out the birthday boy’s real name on the cake board and I used matching number cutter to cut out the number ‘2’ on the cake.
  • Scalloped oval cutters – I used this in 2 sizes and placed both in the centre of the cake where I then placed the human topper on.
  • Shortening – this was used as the ‘glue’ for sticking fondant decorations on the cake.
  • Fondant glue – I used fondant glue to assemble the human topper on the cake. 

And this was how I assembled the cake:

I started a few days in advance with the Chhota Bheem figure. I used wires to form his structure first (much of this is explained in the Craftsy class I took here) and then used gum paste to form his head and body. I did the face, body, hands and the bottom in separate pieces and joined them with fondant glue. And I let the figurine to set completely in a dry place until it was ready to be used on the cake.

Chhota Bheem Cake Topper

As for the rest of the cake, as usual, once the cake was baked and cooled, I leveled the layers, filled them with buttercream and crumb coated the entire cake with a thin layer of buttercream. And then I covered it with white fondant. 

I started the decoration on the cake by making the 3D letters. I used light blue fondant (Satin Ice blue mixed with white fondant) and kneaded some CMC to it. The CMC powder helps the fondant to hold shape and dry firm and is particularly useful when making 3D shapes in fondant. I left these letters aside in a flat lying position until they were completely set. And in the meantime I went on with the other deco on the cake. 

I cut out 2 pieces of scalloped fondant cut outs, one in brown and one in blue with the blue one slightly smaller than the blue brown one. I attached these to the center of the cake with shortening.

Chhota Bheem Cake

Next, I cut 2 pieces of round scalloped fondant pieces in blue and brown, and attached them to the front side of the cake. The blue piece was slightly smaller than the brown one and was placed on top of the brown piece. And then I cut out the remaining lettering which were the birthday boy’s name and age. I attached the name to the cake board and the number ‘2’ on the round scalloped fondant plaques on the side of the cake. 

And then, I cut out the fondant circles in brown and 2 shades of  blue and randomly placed them on the cake. I attached these with shortening as well.

And finally, before putting on the Chhota Bheem topper,  I added the fondant balls border. I shaped these balls by hand and attached to the base of the cake with fondant glue so that they are attached securely to the cake. 

With that, the Chhota Bheem cake was completed. 

Chhota Bheem Cake

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Chhota Bheem Cake

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