Ariel the Little Mermaid Buttercream Cake

I made this Ariel the Little Mermaid buttercream cake for little Hashreyaa on her 3rd birthday. This cake is one of the many cakes I have made for this little girl and her brother, Arya. Hashreyaa’s mom is a special customer of mine who happens to be my sister’s close friend and I have always enjoyed decorating cakes for her as she truly appreciates the taste of my cakes and my decorating.

This 3rd year birthday celebration was a little special as the girl had 2 cakes. This Little Mermaid buttercream cake was one of it, while the other one was a “Jake and the Never Land Pirates’ themed cake.  I have written all about the Jake and the Never Land Pirates cake on a separate page and you can read all about it here.

Ariel the Little Mermaid Buttercream Cake

Back to this cake. Just as the title reads, this is a buttercream cake. Well, butter icing to be precise. What’s the difference you ask? Well, buttercream is buttercream and butter icing is the stiffer version of the buttercream which means it has more icing sugar in it, thus making it stiffer.  These are my own terms to describe my two different versions of the butter-based icings. You can get the buttercream recipe here and the butter icing recipe .

Generally, between butter cream and butter icing, I prefer to use butter icing as I find it easier to achieve a smooth surface on cakes with butter icing as compared to butter cream.  I am just not a skilled buttercream person so achieving a smooth surface on cake with buttercream is not quite my forte.

Anyway, back again to the cake. Overall, this was a pretty easy cake to decorate. All the figurine toppers on the cake were toy toppers provided by my customer and the rest of the decoration on the cake were made using fondant.

Let’s look at my decorating guide for this Ariel the Little Mermaid buttercream cake below.

Ariel the Little Mermaid Buttercream Cake Decorating Guide

These were the main supplies I used to decorate this cake:

  • Cake – this was a 9 inches square cake baked using my butter pound cake recipe. I baked the cake in 2 layers and once stacked, the overall height was approximately 4 inches.
  • Fondant – I used Satin Ice Fondant for all the sea themed decorations on the cake (except for the figurines).
  • Ariel the Little Mermaid themed toy toppers – these were supplied by my customer to be placed on the finished cake.
  • Pizza cutting wheel – I used this as a general cutting tool for the fondant deco on the cake.
  • Sea waves cutter – This was a sea waves shaped cutter I purchased from Not Just Cakes by Annie.
  • Hot glue – I used hot glue to hold the figurines on the cake board securely in place.

And this was how I assembled the Ariel the Little Mermaid Cake.

I told my customer to hand me the toy toppers a few days in advance so that I had enough time to estimate the cake design based on the size of the toppers.

And so, closer to the cake delivery date, I baked the cake. Once the cake has cooled, I leveled and filled and crumb coated it with a layer of buttercream. The crumb coat was to make sure the top and sides of the cake were all level.

Next, I covered the cake with butter icing. I tinted my butter icing in blue with Wilton Royal Blue food color. Since butter cream has a natural yellow hue to it, adding blue to it turned it into a blue with a slight hint of green.  That was just convenient for this cake as the blue cake covering was meant to represent the sea water.

I applied the butter icing all over the cake and then, instead of smoothing it flat, I pressed it down with my fingers. The icing was slightly crusted by the time I finished covering the cake and so it was no longer sticking to my fingers as I made the dents. The dents were meant to represent sea waves.

Ariel the Little Mermaid Buttercream Cake

Once the entire cake was covered in butter icing sea waves, I made the border. I used blue fondant for the border and used my sea waves cutter to cut a layer of waves and attached them all around the base of the cake.

After that, I added the wordings on the cake. The letters were cut using my block letter cutters I purchased from a local cake decorating supplies shop. I used pink tinted fondant for the wording.

Once the wordings were in place, I made the rest of the deco. I started by adding the long sea grass on the corners of the cake. The grass was cut using my pizza cutting wheel and the lines on the grass was made using my sugar craft needle scriber tool.


Next were the pink corals. These were shaped by hand and I used a thin wooden skewer to poke holes all over the coral. And then I attached it to the sides of the cake. I did not need any special glue to stick the fondant deco to the cake, the butter icing was able to hold the fondant deco well in place.

For the brown and yellow sponge, I rolled some brown and yellow fondant thin, and used my round plunger cutters to cut out random holes in random order all over the fondant. And this went on the sides of the cake (brown sponge) as well as the top (yellow sponge).

Ariel the Little Mermaid Buttercream Cake

Next was the cluster of purple cylinder shaped sea plants. I made these individually by rolling some purple fondant into sausages and using the pointed end of my fondant shaping tool ( the one that is shaped like a pencil), I made holes on one end of the sausages. I then grouped a few of them together and attached them to the cake. When grouping the these together, I dampened them slightly with a damp brush so that they would stick to one another. And in attaching the cluster to the cake, again, the butter icing was sufficient to hold them in place. I made a few clusters of these and added them to the sides of the cake.  

After all the sea plants were done, I made the yellow fondant fishes for the front side of the cake. These were formed by hand using yellow fondant and the shapes were then enhanced with the help of my fondant shaping tools and sugar craft knife. I then added light blue strips and black eyes for the fishes.


Next deco to go on the cake were the brown fondant star fishes. I cut these with my small daisy flower cutter and added white polka dots using a fine tipped cake decorating brush. The white paint was undiluted white gel food coloring. These were randomly placed on the sides and top of the cake.

Once all the fondant deco was done, I arranged the toy toppers on the cake. For the figurines on the cake board, I used hot glue to hold them in place. The ones of the cake were simply placed on the cake and since they had wide bottom base, they were able to stand on the cake well.


I added more fondant deco on the sides of the figurines on the cake just so that everything looked as naturally placed as it could be.


And that’s that. My Ariel the Little Mermaid buttercream cake.

Ariel the Little Mermaid Buttercream Cake

Hope this was useful.

Happy Decorating :)

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Ariel the Little Mermaid Buttercream Cake

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