Black and Silver 60th Birthday Cake Design

Here is a 60th birthday cake I decorated a few years ago. I was browsing through my cakes file this morning and my eyes caught on this cake. And I realized, I only had one image of the cake much to my disappointment. I can still remember the stress of having to deliver the cake and it all that tension and time, the last thing on my mind was to take good photos of the cake. And I totally regret it now. 

In fact, the only image of the cake I have is the one I took of the cake once I sent it to the hotel where the celebration was going to be held (the cake picture below). And the picture was sent to my customer as a proof that I have delivered the cake and that it was all in one piece! 

Black and Silver 60th Birthday Cake

I decorated this cake almost about 5 years ago and it was for a customer who was looking for a cake to celebrate her husband's 60th birthday. She had her own idea of how she wanted the cake to look like and presented me with the photo of the design. 

As usual, I did a search on this 60th birthday cake design on the internet and found it to be originally designed by The Pink Cake Box.

Now, this black and silver 60th birthday cake was really fun to decorate and pretty challenging too. I must admit I had never decorated cakes with 2 different background colors on the same tier. The second tier of this cake was just that, the sides were silver and the top was white. Silver had to be painted or sprayed on, and to get a perfectly straight separation line between these 2 colors right on the edge of the cake, though looks easy, was in fact not that easy.

I chose to spray paint the sides and so had to figure out how to do it without the paint particles landing on the top of the cake too (you know how spray works - the paint particles fly to a much larger area than the one you intend to paint).

I figured out that I would cover the cake entirely in white fondant, and once done, I turned it upside down onto a clean cake board and sprayed it in that position so the the top was covered. When complete, I turned it over again, each time making sure I did not touch the cake directly, but through cake boards. 

Read below to find out how I decorated the rest of the 60th birthday cake.

Black and Silver 60th Birthday Cake Design

These were the main supplies I used to decorate this 60th birthday cake:

  • Cake - This was a 2 tier cake, the top tier was 6 inches round and the bottom tier was 9 inches round. Both were baked using my butter pound cake recipe.
  • Buttercream - I used buttercream as the cake filling as well as the crumb coat before fondant.
  • Fondant - The entire cake was covered in fondant. I used Satin Ice fondant in white and black .
  • CMC powder - I added this to fondant when making the 3D decorations ie. the stars and the number toppers.
  • Star cutters - These cutters come in a set of 5 and I used them for all the stars on the cake.
  • Star plunger cutters - I used the largest cutter in this set to cut out the 3 smallest stars that were placed in front of the number toppers on the cake as well as the sides of the cake.
  • Fondant extruder tool - this was used to pipe out the black strips of fondant around the fondant champagne glass cut outs as well as for the border of the first tier.
  • Pizza cutting wheel - I used this to cut out the fondant strips for the second tier of the cake. Other than that, I also used the cutting wheel as a general cutting tool when covering the cake with fondant.
  • Shortening & fondant glue - these were the glues I used in this project.
  • Lollipop sticks - I used these on all wires that were poked into the cake to make sure there was no direct contact between the wires and the cake.
  • Champagne glass template - This was a hand drawn template on a piece of paper, which I cut out and used as a template when cutting out the fondant champagne glasses for the cake decoration.

And this was how I put this 60th birthday cake together:

I started by preparing the star and number toppers ahead of time. For the star toppers, I used white and black fondant that has been added CMC powder. CMC helps fondant to dry hard and firm and so is very useful when making 3D designs with fondant. I made the stars in a few different sizes and made the whites more than the blacks. I then spray painted some of the whites into silver and so had a balanced combination of all three colors.

And I attached wires to all the stars and let them firm up in a horizontal lying down position until they were ready to go onto the cake. For the silver ones, I poked wires into half of the white stars, then removed the wires before spraying on them. Once the paint was set, I inserted the wires back into them. To make sure the fondant stars were secured to the wires, I dipped the ends of the wire into fondant glue before inserting into the stars.

As for the number toppers, I printed out a number template (in Microsoft Word application) in the exact size I wanted the number toppers to be on the cake (see my tutorial here on how to size templates to the exact size you want). And I used the templates as a guide when shaping the number toppers. To make the numbers, I used white fondant, added some CMC powder to it and hand rolled it to form the numbers, with my template as a guide. I secured the ends with fondant glue (for the number '0') and then inserted 2 floral wires to the base of each number, one of each side. 2 wires because the base of these numbers were rounded and so I had to shape the tips of my wire to be curved (for about 1 and half inches length), brushed them lightly with fondant glue and carefully inserted them into the fondant numbers' base, one curve on either side of the numbers. I had to adjust the fondant again after inserting the wires so that they were all well rounded and smooth. 

I placed the numbers in a horizontal position on a cake board and left them to set and harden completely ( I left them overnight). Once they were firmed up, I sprayed them in silver. 

Next was the cake itself. Once baked and completely cooled down, I leveled the layers, sandwiched and crumb coated them with buttercream and covered them in white fondant. 

For the bottom tier, once covered in white fondant, I turned it upside down on a cake board and spray painted it in silver. And then I turned it over again and left it aside until the paint dried. 

While waiting, I prepared the champagne glass decoration. I used my paper template (which I drew by hand) as a guide to cut out the fondant champagne glass cut outs. A made a few of these cut outs. Once done, I attached them to the top tier with shortening. And then, for the champagne in the fondant glasses, I used grey fondant (also from a hand drawn paper template). And I attached these to the fondant glasses with shortening. 

Next was the wordings on the cake. I used FMM alphabet cutter in block letters and black fondant. I added some CMC to the fondant so that it was more pliable and could be rolled thin. And then, I cut out all the letters I needed (click here to learn how to use the alphabet cutter correctly).

Next, I stacked the cakes using bubble tea straws for support. And then I added the black and white strips on the bottom tier. To make sure the strips were uniformly placed all around the tier, I used my old Wilton rolling mat (which had circle patterns drawn on them and guiding lines running from the center of the mat to the edges, something like a pie chart that has been marked at various interval, largest being 1/4 portions all the way to 1/12 portions).

I used the guiding lines to help make sure the black and white strips were placed at consistent intervals. And then, I cut of the excess off, both on the top as well at the bottom. For the bottom tier border, I shaped round balls in black fondant and added them to the base of the cake, followed by a plain thin black strip as the border for the top tier. All these were attached to the cake with shortening.

Once the sides were done, I attached the letters on the cake. And finally, I inserted the number toppers and the stars. To make sure there was not direct contact of the wires with the cake, I inserted all the wires into lollipop sticks before poking them into the cake.

And with that, the black and silver 60th birthday cake was complete. I removed the stars and the number toppers when transporting the cake and only put them on once I reached the event venue. It was so much less stressful that way and safer too!

Hope you liked this 60th birthday cake decorating guide.

Happy Decorating :)

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Black and Silver 60th Birthday Cake

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