5 Tier Lace Wedding Cake

I made this 5 tier lace wedding cake for my BFF. We were colleagues for more than 10 years at work and knowing how much I loved decorating cakes, we used talk so much about how we would both design her wedding cake, every time we come across a gorgeous looking one. 

And when the day finally came, she asked me to make her wedding cake off course. I was very excited with the cake as she gave me full liberty with the design. She told me that the reception hall decoration would be orange, yellow and red colors and that the event will be in a setting with lots of brown wood furnishing. So I made sure the cake design and colors matched the setting. And since she was a very dear and close friend, I thought she should enjoy the privilege of having a cake decorator as a close friend and so I made it a point to make her a large 5 tier cake at a cost that is lower than what I would normally charge for a cake of that size. Each tier was 6 inches high and when assembled, the total height of the cake with the flower toppers on was approximately 35 inches high!

5 Tier Lace Wedding Cake

She did however, request that the cake be made out of dummy Styrofoam, except for a small section in the 4th tier for her and her husband to cut during the reception and the top tier for her to keep for the 1st anniversary. For the guests, she requested that I bake separate sheet cakes filled with buttercream and covered in fondant.  

Here is how I made and decorated the 5 tier lace wedding cake

These were the main supplies I used for this 5 tier lace wedding cake:

  • Cake – The top tier of the cake which was made up of actual cake measured 6 inches in diameter and was 6 inches high. I used my orange cake recipe for this cake and the measurement used were 1.5 times of the recipe measure for a 6 inch round cake, and I baked the cake in 3 separate cake pans.  Besides the top tier, I also had real cake in a small section on the 4th tier. This was also baked using my orange cake recipe and instead of baking the whole cake, I baked one layer of 12 inch round cake (half the measurement for 12 inch round cake I provided on my recipe page).
  • Styrofoam dummy – the sizes I used are 9, 12, 15 & 17 inches round dummies. Since I was only able to get Styrofoams that were 3 inches high, to increase the height to 6 inches, I attached 2 dummies in each size with hot glue.
  • Buttercream – I used buttercream to fill and crumb coat the top tier of the cake as well as to fill it. I also used buttercream to fill the small cake section on the 4th tier of the cake.
  • Royal icing – this was used to accent the lace design on the cake.
  • Fondant – The whole cake was covered in fondant. I used Satin Ice ivory fondant. I also used fondant for the lace deco on the first, third and fifth tiers of the cake.
  • Gum Paste – I used this for all the flowers on the cake, namely the roses, hydrangea and jasmines. I used Satin Ice gum paste in white.
  • Petal dusts - I made all my flowers white and then dusted them with petal dusts. For the roses, I used orange and yellow, while for the hydrangeas, I used a light apple green color. 
  • Fondant glue - this was mainly to make the flowers.
5 Tier Lace Wedding Cake
  • Lollipop sticks – I used these sticks to insert my floral wires so as to avoid direct contact of the wires with the cake. And these were only used on the first tier. For the rest of the cake (including the 4th tier), I was able to poke the wires directly into the cake since they were all Styrofoam dummies. The cake section on the 4th tier was positioned in such a way that it avoided the floral arrangement on that tier.
  • Cutters for lace – I used a number of different cutters I had to make the lace design – these were paisley, daisy, small & medium 5 petal flower cutters as well plunger cutters in heart and flower shapes.
  • Shortening – this was the glue on the cake. I used it to stick all my fondant lace cut outs on the cake.
  • Gold ribbon - to wrap around the base of each tier.
5 Tier Lace Wedding Cake

And this was how I decorated the 5 tier lace wedding cake:

  • I started working on the gum paste flowers 2 weeks in advance. For this cake, I used roses (full blooms as well as half blooms and buds), hydrangeas and jasmines. I made all the flowers in white and dusted them to their final colors once they were dry and set. And each flower was individually wired. Click on the images below for step by step tutorials on making the roses and hydrangea flowers. I do not have a tutorial for the jasmines, and will definitely update here once the tutorial is ready. 
  • Once I had the flowers done, I prepared my dummy cakes. Since I was unable to find those that came in 6 inches height, I had to purchase the 3 inches ones and stick two of the same size together to make up the 6 inches height.
  • For the 4th tier, since part of it was to be replaced with cake, I cut out a section of the Styrofoam dummy. I marked the section that is to be cut out and then used my Styrofoam cutter to remove the section. I then wrapped it with cling film so that once I fill real cake in the cut out section, it will not get into direct contact with the foam. 
  • And then, except for the 4th tier, I covered the remaining 3 tiers in fondant.
  • Next was the cake it self. For the top tier, once baked and cooled, I leveled each layer, filled and crumb coated with buttercream.
  • For the 4th tier, I cut out a paper template for the section that is to be filled with real cake. I used the template to cut out 3 layers of cake. I then filled, stacked and crumb coated the layers together. And then I inserted the cake into the Styrofoam dummy and used buttercream to crumb coat the entire tier, making sure its all level and the joints between the cake and the dummy were not visible. And then I covered the entire tier with fondant, and made small lines on the cake to mark the border between the cake and the dummy. This was important to help the bride and groom identify and cut the right section of the cake during the cake cutting ceremony.
5 Tier Lace Wedding Cake
  • Once I had all the tiers covered in fondant, I did the lace patterns. For this, I used my cutters, and randomly attached the fondant cut outs all over the top tier, third tier and the bottom tier. I used shortening to stick them to the cake. And then I used royal icing to pipe decorative dots on the cut outs. And finally, before starting the assembling work, I gave each tier a layer of pearl sheen coating using my airbrush.
  • The cake assembly was done at the wedding venue. Since the cake was too tall to fit into my car, I decided to assemble it at the event venue. To assemble the cake, I started with the 1st and 2nd tiers. I stacked them first, and then arranged the flowers on the top tier.
  • And then, I went to the remaining 3 tiers, and stacked them starting from the bottom tier before placing the earlier stacked 1st and 2nd tiers on them.
  • After that was the floral arrangement. Before I went ahead with the flowers, I made sure the 4th tier of the cake with the real cake section was towards the back of the cake where the bride and groom would be standing to cut the cake. And then I attached the gold ribbon border around each tier with the help of royal icing. And finally, all the flowers went on.  I stared with the full bloom roses and then added the half blooms and buds before accenting and finishing off with the hydrangeas and jasmines.

And that was how I decorated this 5 tier lace wedding cake.

If you have any queries on any part of the cake, please feel free to ask me in the section below. 

Happy decorating :)

5 Tier Lace Wedding Cake

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