3D Human Figures Cupcakes

I made these 3D human figures cupcakes a 21st birthday. The cupcakes were ordered by the birthday girl’s mother and were ordered together with another cake that was supposed to be the main birthday cake.

The entire order was centred around the birthday girl’s wishes and I could sense how much the mother wanted the event to be as special as possible for her beloved daughter.


3D Human Figures Cupcakes

This set of cupcakes were very symbolic. It was a lovely message from the entire family to the birthday girl and the toppers represent all her family members including her 3 pets.

Getting the toppers done was quite a challenge for me. But I went ahead and accepted this order because I had just completed Craftsy’s Cake Topper Techniques (Figure Modelling) class and was quite keen to try out my newly acquired skill.

And I must say, that class really did help me with my figure modelling (only the human figures by the way. The class does not cover animals modelling so the dog toppers I have on this page were not covered in the class). I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is looking into mastering the art of modelling human figures.

I have really learned so much particularly on how to make to make proportionate human toppers for cakes and how to construct a strong structure for these sugar models so that they remain stable on the cake. I have written all about the classes you can enroll into to learn how to make human fondant figures on a separate post here for those who are interested to find out more about making human figurines.

So back to the cupcakes. There were a total of 12 cupcakes in this set out of which 5 had 3D human figure toppers and 3 had 3D fondant dog toppers. Each one of the human toppers represented the birthday girl’s family members – the mother, father, grandmother and her 2 sisters. The mother requested that the birthday girl’s figurine be made on her birthday cake, so she was not represented here. And the fondant dog toppers were off course the family pet dogs.

The remaining 4 cupcakes were decorated with a special message to the birthday girl from all the family members.

I placed the cupcakes on a cake board that was customized specifically to hold 12 cupcakes. I made this myself by rolling a thick piece of fondant onto a cake drum and then cut out 12 holes (big enough to fit the cupcakes) in the fondant using my round cutters before placing one cupcake into each hole. In cutting the holes, I made sure they were positioned consistently apart on the cake board.

Let’s look at the main supplies I used to make these cupcakes:

3D Human Figures Cupcakes - Supplies

These were the main supply used to make the 3D human figures cupcakes:

  • Fondant – All the fondant work on these cupcakes were from Satin Ice fondant. Some were readily available colors while some were made by mixing gel food colors (I used both Wilton and Americolor) into white fondant.
  • CMC powder – This was added to fondant in very small quantities to help fondant set firmer and harder, especially when making 3D structures or designs on cakes. I used this in the fondant I used to make the 3D fondant dogs.
  • Floral wire – All the fondant human figurines had structures made of wires. And I used 24 gauge floral wire to do it.

3D Human Fondant Figures Cupcakes

And this was how I put the 3D human figures cupcakes together:

  • I started with the human toppers. Having watched the Craftsy video I mentioned above, I learned to create the internal structures for my human figurines with floral wire. Once the structures were up, I mixed my gum paste to the required colors and started making the fondant figurines.
  • In making these figurines, I formed the body, legs, hands and the head separately and then attached them all together. Only after that did I add the clothes on, so this in a way felt quite like playing dressing! And I find this to be an effective technique is creating human figure toppers for cakes. And since these figurines were wired, I made sure there was excess wire underneath, long enough to poke into the cupcakes (I used lollipop sticks to insert the wires into before poking into the cupcakes.) to hold the figurines in place.
3D Human Figures Cupcakes
3D Human Figures Cupcakes

  • The dog toppers were made out of fondant mixed with CMC. All these were formed by hand with the help of my fondant shaping tools. There were no wires or support structures for these and they were attached to the cupcakes with fondant glue.

  • As for the cupcakes, these were baked using my chocolate cake recipe. Each cupcake was given a thin coating of buttercream before being covered in fondant. For the fondant cover, I used my round scalloped cutter to cut out the red and brown circles.
  • As for the lettering on the cake, I used my FMM Tappit letter cutters and cut out the birthday wishes in white gum paste. I attached these lettering to the cupcakes with shortening.
  • The silver pearl beads were originally white sugar dragees I bought from a local cake decorating supplies shop. I colored them silver by putting them in a plastic bag together with some edible silver dust and a few drops of lemon extract. I then shook the bag until the pearl beads were all well coated with the silver dust. And then I poured them onto a shallow plate and let them dry. Once dried, I picked them up with a tweezer and attached them to the cupcakes with fondant glue.
  • And the yellow rosses on one of the cupcakes were simple rolled roses. They were formed by hand, by simply rolling a thin pieces of yellow fondant. The leaves were also formed by hand, and I used my sugar craft knife to mark a line in the centre to make the leaves look more like leaves.
  • And finally, the 2 red fondant heart cut outs were cut using my heart shaped plunger cutter and attached the cupcake with shortening.


And that’s that. My 3D human figures cupcakes.

You can pin this for later here:

3D Human Figures Cupcakes

Thank you for reading. Happy decorating :)

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