3D Fondant Snowflakes Toppers

These 3D fondant snowflakes toppers are another very easy and simple cupcake toppers you can make for winter or snow themed cupcakes.

I made these for a Disney Frozen themed birthday party and these 3D snowflakes formed part of the decoration for the cupcakes set I made. The other deco I had were 2d snowflakes which were practically snowflakes cut out of fondant and attached on top of the cupcakes, edible images as well as fondant initials cupcake picks.


This is a brief tutorial on how I made the 3D fondant snowflakes toppers.

How to Make Easy 3D Fondant Snowflakes Toppers

These were the main supplies I used to make the toppers:

  • Fondant – I used Satin Ice fondant. For this particular project, I had the 3D snowflakes made in dark blue, white and turquoise. For the dark blue, I added Americolor Navy blue food color to white fondant while for the turquoise ones, I added Americolor turquoise food color to white fondant. And off course, the fondant for the white snowflakes was untinted.
  • CMC – I used CMC to make the snowflakes set hard and firm quicker. Since they were meant to be standing upright on the cupcakes, I wanted to make sure that they are set firm and stable, hence I added CMC to my fondant.
  • Snowflakes cutter – The cutter I used for this project is quite common, I have seen it being sold in a couple of online stores. It comes in a set of 3 cutters in the same pattern but different sizes so you are free to choose the size that fits your cakes or cupcakes best.
  • Toothpicks – these were basically what were holding the 3d fondant snowflakes upright on the cupcakes. Since toothpicks have pointed ends, for this project, I made sure I cut off the pointed ends to avoid the risk of them poking into anyone who decides to take a bite of the snowflakes.
  • Shortening – this was basically the glue for my project. You can also use fondant glue but since the snowflakes cut out were not heavy, I chose to use shortening.
  • Fondant glue - I used this to stick the toothpick to the fondant snowflakes.

And this was how I assembled the 3d fondant snowflakes toppers:

  • To begin with, I kneaded CMC into my fondant.
  • And then I rolled the fondant thin and cut out the snowflakes. For each 3D snowflake, I used 2 cut outs.
  • I did all the cutting first before assembling them because I wanted to give the cut outs some time to firm up slightly. They are easier to handle when they are slightly set. I live in a very humid climate and so fondant takes time to dry out when left open, so if you live in a very dry climate, you can probably start assembling the 3D snowflakes right away. The ideas is that since the snowflakes had tiny nooks and corners, I find it easier to work with when they are a bit set.
  • Once I had all the cut out ready in pairs, I went ahead to assemble them.
  • For each pair, I brushed the back with shortening, and then I sandwiched them together carefully with a toothpick in between.
  • In positioning the toothpick, dipped it into some fondant glue and then placed it on the fondant snowflakes. I left about two thirds of it outside the snowflakes and only one third in between the cut outs.
  • I adjusted the snowflakes such that both pieces are as perfectly aligned as possible. Using shortening as the glue made this possible as I could attach and unattached the pieces until I was happy with the positions without the snowflakes losing much shape. Had I used fondant glue to stick the fondant cut outs, it would have been difficult to remove and adjust.
  • And then I left the snowflakes in a horizontal position until they were completely firm and set.

  •  Only then did I attach them onto my cupcakes. To do that, I simply inserted the picks into my cupcakes until the toothpick is no longer visible.

And that was how I made my super easy 3D fondant snowflakes toppers.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy Decorating :) 

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