1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Cake

Here is a number ‘1’ 1st birthday Minnie Mouse Cake I made for a sweet little girl for her first birthday. I decorated this cake based on an image provided by the birthday girl’s mother who requested for a cake exactly as in the image she provided.

1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Cake

Since the design was not mine (I merely recreated it with some slight tweaking), I did an internet search to see if I can find the original designer. And to my surprise (or may be not so surprising anymore), I found many variations of this design so again (similar to another Minnie Mouse cake I made previously based on a customer request), I am not quite sure who is the original designer. 

This was a pretty cake, turned out very pretty and my customer was totally happy. Her exact words were ‘This cake is better than the photo I gave you’.  That made my day and so I am sharing here how I made this pretty number 1st birthday Minnie Mouse cake.

Here is how I made this 1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Cake

These were the main supplies I used:

  • Cake – I baked a marble cake for this project and it was an orange chocolate marble cake. The original marble cake recipe here is a combination of vanilla and chocolate cake batter, and to make orange chocolate marble cake, simply replace vanilla essence and milk in the plain batter with grated orange rind and freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Number “1” template – I don’t have a number ‘1’ shaped cake tin so I had to carve the number ‘1’ out of a rectangle cake. For this purpose, I drew the template on a piece of A3 paper and used it to carve the cake out of a rectangle cake. To optimize the cake, I split the template into 2 and carved the cake in 2 sections (the long vertical part of the number ‘1’ and the horizontal base of number ‘1’.
  • Buttercream – The cake was filled with buttercream and also crumb coated with buttercream.
  • Fondant – The whole cake was covered in fondant. I used Satin Ice fondant and used 3 main colors, i.e., white, light pink and dark pink. The other color I used was green and it was only for the tiny leaves on the cake.
  • Edible image – Minnie’s image on the cake was an edible image print. I downloaded the image from the internet and ordered the print from a local edible image supplier.
  • Sugar Paste Extruder– I used the tool fitted with a circle disc to pipe out border for the cake edges as well as the frame for the fondant plaque where the birthday girl’s name was placed.
  • Clikstix Groovy Letter Cutter - I used Clikstix alphabet cutters for the ‘Happy birthday’ phrase on the cake as well as the birthday girl’s name.
  • Flower Plunger Cutter, Round Plunger Cutters and Oval Plunger Cutters- The flowers cutters were used for the tiny flowers I placed at both ends of the “happy birthday’ message as well as the girl’s name. As for the round cutters, I used them in 2 sizes, one for the white polka dots on the cake, and a slightly larger one for the large pink dots on the cake board. The oval cutters were used for the tiny green leaves placed near the flowers. I used a small oval cutter to cut out the leaves and pinched one end of the cut outs to form the leaves.
  • Fondant cupcake image – I cut out the cupcake image in fondant and hand painted it to match the cupcake in the image provided to me. For the outline, I used my black edible ink pen.
  • Shortening – I used shortening as the glue to attach all my fondant cut outs on the cake including the cake borders.

And this was how I assembled the 1st birthday Minnie Mouse cake:

  • As I mentioned earlier, the number ‘1’ shape of the cake was carved out of a rectangle cake. To make sure the number is proportion, I drew it on a piece of paper first and used it as a template to carve my cake.
  • Once the cake was all carved, leveled and crumb coated, I covered the top of the cake with light pink fondant. And then I covered the sides with dark pink fondant. For the cake border, I piped out a long thin roll of dark pink fondant using my extruder tool and attached it all around the base of the cake.
  • Next to go on the cake were Minnie and the cupcake, followed by the name plaque with the birthday girl’s name on it. I also added the “happy birthday’ wordings on the cake board.

  • The polka dots went on after that and if you notice carefully, I arranged them in a pattern, making sure they are consistently spaced out. Where they fall on Minnie or the cupcake or even the name plaque, I cut the dots off so that they fit on the cake naturally.
  • And the final touch up for the cake were the tiny flowers and the matching green leaves.


And that was how I decorated the 1st birthday Minnie Mouse cake.

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